Rocket To Her Rosebud


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Rocket To Her Rosebud

When Zafira, one of the true superstars of our DDF Network, gets going on-camera, we always know we’re going to have a dick-stiffening great time. Here’s a perfect example, as this brunette Hungarian stunner tempts us with her tush in a teeny thong, then lets us finally see the tight little hole between her wondrous cheeks. She’s got some plans for that hole...

Licking her forefinger, she primes her bungie, then uses two fingers to stretch it open as our DDF cameras come in close for the incredible view. But Miss Z is only getting started, as she takes out a big yellow vibrator and crams it right into her anus, where it sticks out almost like a rocket to her rosebud!

Then Zafira takes out the toy, licks it, reverses her position and strips totally naked so that she can stretch those sexy legs wide and cram the sex toy back in her booty for some further fulfillment. When she’s done, she lets the exhausted toy rest by placing it in the cleavage of her cheeks. What a great talent is Zafira and her sensuous seat! Savor this outstanding nude European model in her glamour porn erotic video and nude pics.