After School Anal - Teens Study Favorite Subject

Olivia Grace

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After School Anal - Teens Study Favorite Subject

Olivia Grace doesn't fool us appearing in a tiny Catholic schoolgirl skirt, we know she's not as demure as she appears to be! Delving into their favorite after school subject, she and Nikolas will soon be studying pussy fucking - the in's and out's and how to's.

Both have quite a bit of experience with all matters x-rated, but they're going to perfect a few things a little more closely! First up, pussy licking. Olivia is soon face down, ass up with Nikolas licking at her shaved pussy. Next examining doggy style, he then buries his rod in her from the back.

The blonde Belursian quite likes her friend's moves, and craves more of his titty play techniques as he tantalizes her natural tits and her entire body. Upon being done with that, and after playing in her pink, they'll explore her other holes and get after that ass fucking they both have on the brain.

After pumping her in her butt he ends it with an anal creampie, and they call it quits on their XXX after school session!