Leona Queen

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Date of birth:September 30, 1983


Eye color:Brown

Hair color:Brown

Height:5'3" | 160cm

Bra size:32B (US)| 70C (EU)

Waist:22 | 56

Hips:32 | 81

Shoe size:6½ | 37

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How old were you when you first tried a vibrator? Did it feel good?

13 years, yes it felt good.

When and where did you have your first orgasm?

When I was 12 or 13 years old.

What is your sexual fantasy that hasn’t come true yet?

None If I want to do one fantasy about something I just do it and amke sure it comes true fast, so if I do have any fantasy it will come true anyway.

What is your favorite position?

In depent with who I fuck.

Did you ever try sex with a girl? Do you like girls more, or boys? Why?

Yes I did it doesn´t matter for me if it´s boy or girl.

What kind of lingerie do you like to wear?

I can like real nice and classy lingerie, but I like also more kinky lingerie.

What is your opinion of porn films and magazines?

Well it is a great thing that it is out there. I believe it is good escape from reality for many people, and gladly because is it here I have now the best job ever. .

When was the first time you masturbated?

12 years.

When and where did you lose your virginity? Did you enjoy it?

13 years old, on the school toilet, yes I enjoyed it.

Where was your wildest sexual experience? What was the most thrilling experience you had?

I dont have one particular most thriling or wildest sexual experience.

Do you like oral sex? Do you like when men cum on your face?

Yeah I like it a lot and like it when men cum on my face.

Do you like anal sex? Did it hurt for the first time?

Yeah I like anal , No it didn´t hurt first time.

Did you ever try sex with 2 boys? Was it better than with 1 boy?

Yes I did in depents on who they/he are/is and the whole situation I just love it both.

Do you like older men? Why?

Yes I do well age is just the number.

Do you like black men?


What size of penis you like? Have you ever had a penis that was too big?

Average or big, no did never had any one that was to big.

Do you have any secret sexual desires?

No I don´t have secrets or desires when it come to sex.

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Using All Her Resources!

Leona Queen


26 min


Beautiful brunette is here to make you hard
Beautiful brunette is here to make you hard

Leona Queen


6 min


Hot young babe gets spanked hard
Hot young babe gets spanked hard

Zuzana Z. & Leona Queen


11 min


Stuffed with room to spare!
Stuffed with room to spare!

Leona Queen


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Nasty lesbian treat with clips
Nasty lesbian treat with clips

Zuzana Z. & Leona Queen


17 min


Exploited maid making pee-cake
Exploited maid making pee-cake

Zuzana Z. & Leona Queen


8 min


What will satisfy Leona?
What will satisfy Leona?

Leona Queen


16 min