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Workout motivation [Part 2]

Aletta Ocean

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Workout motivation [Part 2]

After a jog around the running track it's back in the gym for more of a workout. For this session Aletta is tied to a weight bench. Benn does not feel Aletta worked hard enough on the jog, so as a punishment and reminder he tenderizes the soles of her feet with the aid of a strap!
Ben gets a little worked up over Aletta's finely curved body and succumbs to some personal gratification with the aid of Aletta's willing lips swallowing his engorged cock. Afterward Benn spreads her legs very wide apart for a good stretch. He uses the position to emphasize the need for Aletta to work harder with a paddle applied to her inner thighs. Her yelps and cries prove she gets the pain and point of his intentions. With her pussy stretched wide open, Ben helps himself to a dip into Aletta's moist and sweaty pink gash.

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