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Aletta Ocean

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Aletta's fitness instructor employs a novel but effective method of getting the most out of her workout sessions. She arrives ready for her session that begins with some calisthenics and boxing work. Benn soon begins to apply some encouragement with the palm of his hand. As the session wears on fatigue begins to affect Aletta's performance in spite of the progressively stronger application of Benn's hand against her posteriors. Benn raises the motivation level by utilizing a leather paddle instead of his hand, making Aletta raise to new levels of endurance. After her weight lifting routine, she is left with a tender bare bottom. The first part of her workout concludes with some aerobic jogging outside the gym. Benn keeps her naked bottom bouncing along with the use of a flogger lashing her smooth round buttocks as she tries to keep up the jogging pace.

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