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Hi Guys What's going on? It's me F

Aletta Ocean


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Hi Guys What's going on? It's me Florencia doing my thing in Ibiza. I was taking a stroll in the garden this morning when I ran across this little hut. It had a bed inside and was totally secluded from the rest, the perfect spot for me to play. I started caressing my body touching myself from head to toe, lifting my dress up over my sexy ass and standing up high on my toes. I had a seat inside and propped my feet up on a piece of wood just outside, spreading my legs open nasty wide as I continued rubbing myself all over. I laid down on the bed inside and caressed my legs from my ass to my toes, playing with my shoes and feet before slipping them off one by one. I fingered and licked on my cute little toes getting myself all excited, I could feel myself getting hot and I knew it wouldnâ??t belong before I was all wet. I slipped my big toe in my mouth for a sucking and teasingly slipping my tongue between it and the next, I took myself right to the edge before deciding to finally slip off my dress. I stood up and took off my panties and then right back inside I went, playing with my feet and toes like the naughty girl I am.

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