Scenes: 44
  • Oct 05, 1978
  • United Kingdom
  • Green
  • blonde
  • 5'3" | 160cm
  • 32F (US)| 70H (EU)
  • 23 | 58
  • 35 | 89
  • 6½ | 37
Latex Lucy is a British girl whose name tells a lot of her tale. She is completely into latex and is generally covered in the stuff from head to toe.
You may have to take my word for it, but she does have blonde hair and green eyes. Her massive tits are an impressive size 32F and her slim waist and curvaceous hips complete the amazingly sensual package.
In the series "Her Life as a Pet" she appears with Angelica Heart in a super sleek white latex cat suit and they enjoy a lot of steamy sex together. That's just one of the erotic series that features Ms. Lucy wrapped in the tight second skin of latex that she loves and can't live without. She loves to be teased and tied up and fucked all day long and describes one of her favorite sexual encounters consisting of just that. Her boyfriend kept her bound and begging all day long and she loved every minute of it, especially when he fucked her from behind.
Masturbating a couple of times a day on average, this lovely latex lady can hardly ever get enough sex and she does it all too and her man can cum anywhere on her body that he wants to she loves it all!

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  • How old were you when you first tried a vibrator? Did it feel good?
  • About 16 years old, I throughit felt amazing and still does now.
  • When and where did you have your first orgasm?
  • Just in my bedroom playing with my vibrator.
  • What is your favorite position?
  • Doggy style – on all fours..
  • What kind of lingerie do you like to wear?
  • Anything latex , but I do love some nylon too. The combination of both feels very sexy
  • What is your opinion of porn films and magazines?
  • Particularly like mostly fetish porn and art such as gernot.
  • When was the first time you masturbated?
  • When I was propably too young.
  • When and where did you lose your virginity? Did you enjoy it?
  • Outdoors in woodland. It was a bit rushed! I had to keep an eye out for dog walkers, but the risk was fun.
  • Do you like black men?
  • Yes, I love it!
  • Do you like oral sex?
  • I love giving and receiving oral. I love to suck a nice hard cock.
  • Favorite color:
  • Violet
  • Romantic Status:
  • in a relationship
  • Favorite bands:
  • Muse, Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Do you have any pets?
  • Yes a dog
  • What is your favorit book?
  • Lord of the rings
  • What do you like doing in your spare time?
  • Walking, listening to music
  • What's your ambition in life? Where would you like to be in ten years time?
  • To work on my curves, have a larger wardrobe of latex, travel learn another language and move away
  • What would you do with the money if you won the Lotto?
  • I would travel lots. So much I´d love to see outthere!
  • Do you like posing nude?
  • Yes, I´m comfortable being nude.
  • What part of your body do you consider your best?
  • I would say that my best feature is my breast, then perhaps my slim waist.
  • Do you enjoy exposing yourself in public?
  • I do enjoy exposing my breast!
  • Do you wear panties?
  • I normally wear latex panties.
  • When I give head, I´m a spitter/swallower.
  • I´ m spitter + swallower.
  • I hate/like/love receiving cunnilingus.
  • I love it.
  • How do you like to be fucked? How can guy best you come?
  • I love to be bound, teased, then fucked nice and hard.
  • I hate/like/love anal sex.
  • I love anal. I enjoy thi but I like to keep it very intimate/private.
  • Are you bisexual?
  • Yes , with the right girl.
  • What kind of woman do you like?
  • The more sensual, gentle type, but like a dominant girl too
  • Do you like girls more or guys? If yes why?
  • Guys- they have somethink special that girls don´t have!
  • Ever had more than one love at once?
  • Only when at school.
  • Have you ever fucked a stranger?
  • Yes, that make me very horny.
  • What is the sluttiest thing you´ve ever done?
  • I´ve met 2 guys / strangers in a shopping centre, flirted with them and ... lol!
  • What´s the best way for a man to pick you up?
  • He needs to be sexy polite and give me some special attention!
  • Describe your ultimate sexual fantasy.
  • To be abducted by a group of guys wearing rubber and fucked by each, lol!
  • Reason for posing.
  • i love to show my body- mostly in tight latex!
  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • Playing the guitar, working out
  • What was your first time like?
  • It wasn´t the best, but made me want to explore more
  • I hate/like/love giving head.
  • I love it
  • What's the absolute best sex you've ever had?
  • With my boyfriend all dressed in latex, he restrained me, bound me nice and tightly then spent most of the day teasing and fucking me.
  • What is your favorite food?
  • Indian and Italian
  • How often do you masturbate? With what methode?
  • A few times a day on average. I love to start with my fingers, then use my magic wand plus a rubber dildo.
  • Where do you like a guy to come?
  • Everywhere! Over my tits , ass, face, mouth...

Latest comments

Would love to see her in a set without the latex, without the bondage, just a good hardcore set with one guy. Or two guys if you insist! ;)

Anonymous, 1 month ago

Une vraie bombe cette fille et de super tenues

Gilles, 2 months ago

This girl understands porno.

Harry Chinpo, 1 year ago

Having seen Lucy with and without the latex on, I really regret leaving the UK..

Anonymous, 1 year ago

I wasn't into latex until I saw this goddess... Absolutely fantastic. She so does it for me... Those eyes and lips are the most sexual things I've seen for so long...

Anonymous, 1 year ago


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